How to Rent a Limo for a Bachelorette Party

One tradition that many engaged couples look forward to is bachelor/bachelorette parties. These parties are a great time to go all out and make a memorable night spending time with your friends and family. One way to achieve this is to rent a limo or other luxury vehicle for your event.

A limo will make it more comfortable while you may hop from one location to another. Having a limo means getting to travel in both style and comfort. Plus having a private chauffeur means that they can take of everything, allowing you to enjoy the moment with your friends. Wondering how to rent a limo for a bachelorette party, in this guide we will go over the best way to make the most of your event.

When To Book A Limo for A Bachelorette Party?

You don’t want to pick the wrong limo service. Take some time and do some research, check reviews, and find a limo service that specifically provides vehicles for these type of events. Some luxury vehicle rentals have limits to what types of vehicles they provide, how many stops you can have, etc. You want to make sure you are getting the right value for your money. You should book your limo or other vehicles early before the party, especially during the peak wedding season. Booking a month in advance is recommended especially if you have a complex booking.

Figuring Out Your Bachelor Party Itinerary  

Once you have a date for the party in mind, start looking around for a limo. Some limo companies are more flexible than others when it comes to pick up and drop off times, while others are less so. Make sure to consider this while booking. If you plan to split a bill between your other bridal party members, make sure to include them in the process so they are aware of what the costs will be. More stops usually mean a larger bill for luxury vehicle services. If you have to travel longer distances, choosing limos or party buses is a great call so you can further enjoy the trip.

Mapping Out Your Trip

Make sure to check what service area your limo company will travel to. Some companies have very defined areas that they drive around, while others are more flexible. Some limo companies even provide long-distance travel for some of their vehicles. Talk to your limo provider about the route you have in mind. Go over any specific stops that will be made as well as your ideal timeline. This can help you get the most accurate quote for their services.

Comfort & Special Requests

Of course, a key to any wedding event is to personalize it. Check with your limo company in regards to special requests. From music, to drinks, to decorations, many limo companies can help you make your bachelorette or bachelor party even more fun with their help.

Book a Limo in Boston

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