Rent A Luxury Motor Coach Bus Online

Our luxury motor coach buses are perfect for large groups that want to travel between Boston and New York in style & enjoy luxury for the entire journey

Motor Coach Rental

Traveling can be challenging if there’s a lot of people involved but Met Limo of Boston can put all your worries to rest. If you’re in need of a reliable and comfortable motor coach rental, look no further than our exclusive luxury motor coach rental services that provide custom-tailored options for every need.

Met Limo of Boston offers a variety of luxury motor coach rental options, including mini coaches with leather or cloth seating to accommodate between 12 and 36 passengers and larger coaches for up to 55 passengers.

Whichever option you choose and wherever you’re planning to travel, you can rest assured that you’ll arrive there in style. Our luxury motor coach rentals are perfect for any kind of road trip or event, be that a wedding, a bachelor party, a bachelorette party, corporate meeting, or an evening party.

Motor Coach Rental Features

Here at Met Limo of Boston, we are dedicated to providing only the best and most comfortable experiences to our clients. All our high-quality motor coach rentals offer luxury features such as:

With Met Limo of Boston, you can arrive at your destination without having to worry about any of the details. Leave the transportation up to us and our professional drivers.

  • Leather or cloth seating
  • Spacious interior
  • Ample luggage storage

Designed for short and long trips alike, each motor coach rental we offer comes equipped with a spacious, clean, and comfortable interior. We also provide ample luggage space for every passenger, along with complimentary amenities to make your trip pleasant and entertaining regardless of your destination.

Why Choose Met Limo of Boston?

When booking a motor coach rental, comfort is just as important as safety. Our staff of trusted and reliable drivers will make sure that you lack neither for as long as you’re traveling with us. Just pick a number of seats, choose your desired destination, and leave it up to us to provide the rest.

And on top of all that, we also offer some of the best motor coach rental prices in Boston, so you can ride in style without breaking the bank!

Booking Your Motor Coach Rental

Met Limo of Boston makes things convenient for you even before you board your motor coach. In order to book your trip, the only thing you need to do is request a quote and fill out the necessary information. And if you do have any special requirements, please let us know! We’ll reach out to you right away!

If you’ve traveled with us before, book here!

For any additional information, feel free to contact us whenever it suits you!