FAQ: Limo Rentals For Airport Pick-Ups

One of the most common reasons to rent a limo or a luxury vehicle is for airport travel. Driving your own car means leaving it in a parking garage for a potentially long period of time. Taxis and rideshare apps may be able to get you to and from the airport, but they can also be late. And the last thing anyone wants to think about is rescheduling a flight because they were late to the airport. This is why many people rely on luxury vehicle services to get to and from the airport. These services maybe a little more expensive, but the experience is better in every way. You can enjoy the ride to/from your hotel or home comfortably and know that your driver will make it their goal to get you to your destination on time. Here are a few common questions we hear when clients ask about our airport travel services.

How Close Do I Need To Live To The Aiport To Get A Luxury Vehicle?

Every limo company is different. Some companies truly only handle local rides. They will likely tell you when you request a quote if you are out of their area. At Met Limo of Boston, we service Logan International Airport in Boston, Laguardia & JFK in New York City, and TF Greene in Providence. We provide long-distance rides, so even if you live out of the way, our vehicles can pick you up and bring you to the airport.

How Many Passengers Can I Have?

The number of passengers differs from vehicle to vehicle. Limos can often support more than 10 guests while luxury sedans and SUVs hold fewer people. Most limo companies will ask you upfront to list how many people you will be traveling with prior to making your reservation.

How Much Luggage Will My Limo Company Let Me Bring?

If you are planning a long vacation or a long stay you may have more than a simple carry-on. We recommend being upfront with your limo provider about how much luggage you and your guests will have. Your provider may recommend a different vehicle based on how much you are bringing with you.

What To Do If Your Flight is Delayed/Cancelled?

Limo companies that provide airport shuttle services are used to the fluctuations with airline travel. Storms will often get a flight delay which can quickly domino into multiple delays and cancellations. In many cases, if a flight is cancelled you can notify the limo company and have the reservation pushed to a new time. As for delays, drivers will usually wait for your plane to land. Some shuttle companies even track the flights themselves in order to help you manage and react to changes in your schedule.

Rent A Limo For Airport Travel

If you are interested in renting a limo for your next flight in or out of Boston we would be more than happy to assist. Our drivers can pick you up or drop you off at the airport of your choice here in the northeast. For more information about our services and vehicles please contact our office.